Working with the NHS

Close-up of the hands of a nurse as she holds the right hand of a unseen older seated patient

The UK should aspire to nothing less than a health and care system that delivers the best patient outcomes in the world. We believe that a strong partnership between NHS and industry is the best way to improve outcomes for patients now and in the future. 

Together we can:

  • Deliver projects that improve patient outcomes, create efficiencies within the NHS and reduce health inequalities for people across the UK
  • Create an innovation-ready NHS that can embrace new approaches to prevention and treatment
  • Make the best use of data to enhance NHS research capability, generate real world evidence and allow new ways of working that help improve the patient experience and free up staff time

Collaborations allow companies and the NHS to pool skills, experience and resources to deliver projects that support the appropriate use of medicines in line with local or national guidance.

These projects provide a triple win, benefiting patients, the NHS and the companies – by improving patient care or helping the NHS as their primary objective.

Explore our case study library to find out more about different types of partnerships that are contributing to better patient care, a more efficient NHS, or both.

Disclosure and transparency

As a commitment to open, ethical ways of working, pharmaceutical companies publicly disclose the transfers of values made to healthcare professionals and organisations, patient groups, and certain members of the public.

Where relevant, values related to activities with healthcare professionals (and other relevant persons) and healthcare organisations are disclosed via the public, searchable database Disclosure UK.

Values related to partnerships with patient organisations and certain members of public, including patients, are published on individual company websites, and signposted within Disclosure UK.

The ABPI Code of Practice lays out comprehensive disclosure requirements for pharmaceutical companies. For more information about Disclosure UK and to search the database, visit Disclosure UK publishes three years of information. Values for each calendar year are published in June of the following year.

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