ABPI Patient Advisory Council

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The Patient Advisory Council has been created to enable ongoing full, frank and open discussions and information sharing between Health Charity Chief Executives and the ABPI Board and Executive team.


The value pharmaceutical companies bring to health systems through medicine and vaccine innovations is better shaped and informed across the life cycle of medicine through the insight and experience of patients living with a condition, sharing what really matters to them, their families, and their communities.

The ABPI aims to consistently integrate Patient insight into our decision making, developing a mechanism to ensure the patient perspective is embedded into our strategic thinking.

The ABPI Patient Advisory Council - made up of eight chief executives from across UK patient organisations, provides ABPI Board Members and Senior Executive Team with meaningful patient engagement to help inform strategy, policy priorities and work-plans across the ABPI.

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  • The Patient Advisory Council is formed from 8 senior leaders from across the Patient Charity sector.
  • The Patient Advisory Council come together monthly, either virtually or in person, to explore topics of agreed shared priority and to develop insight and guidance aligned to the ABPI vision to make the UK the best place in the world to research, develop and use new medicines and vaccines.
  • The Patient Advisory Council draws upon the individual expertise within its representation and their wider patient communities to support and share diverse thinking from the breadth of communities.


  • The Patient Advisory Council is accountable to the Executive Director Medical Affairs & Strategic Partnerships.
  • Working and supported directly by the lead for patient engagement from the Medical Affairs & Strategic Partnerships directorate.
  • The Patient Advisory Council supports the ABPI Board of Directors and Senior Executive Team in work to inform strategy, policy priorities and work-plans.


  • The Patient Advisory Council has been created to enable ongoing full, frank and open discussions and information sharing between senior patient representatives and ABPI Board and Executive team.
  • The work of the Patient Advisory Council is to enable senior leaders from across Pharma (ABPI Board) to explore patients’ perspectives and needs, in relation to key topics and themes impacting UK patients.
  • The ambition of the Board: Patient Advisory Council engagement is to create an environment that encourages the open exchange of ideas, information, and perspectives, and supports the co-development of insight and where appropriate publications.
  • Through the Patient Advisory Council and other patient engagement work the ABPI seeks to ensure that the patient voice is included in the development of policy and practice.
  • The Patient Advisory Council in their work with ABPI aims to ensure a wide range of patient views are represented seeking to address health inequalities by ensuring voices of seldom heard communities are included and represented.
  • The nature of Patient Advisory Council discussions at Board is strictly non-promotional, in line with the requirements of the ABPI Code of Practice 2021, in particular clauses 25, 26 and 27.