Research affiliate membership

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Research Affiliate membership


Our Research Affiliate members are companies that carry out their business in the UK and are engaged in the research or development or both of medicines for human use, but which have no sales of such products in the UK.

Many of these are Contract Research or Contract Development Organisations.

How we support our Research Affiliate members

Industry monitoring and communication for members

Research Affiliate members receive access to key information updates including:

  • Weekly update – proactive support for members on upcoming media/environment issues
  • Chief Executive Update
  • Key updates and publications around the pharmaceutical industry in the UK 
  • Feedback from meetings and discussions with key stakeholders in Government, the NHS and other groups


Research Affiliates receive invitations to selective events designed to update members on topical issues, providing excellent opportunities for networking and sharing members’ views.

Our events include: ABPI Annual Conference, Reputation Event, regular masterclasses and workshops on hot industry topics, senior level forums and expert networks.

Specific senior level forums and networks

These forums and networks comprise member companies and ABPI representatives with expertise in a specific area of work. They work on the key issues that are affecting the industry. Research Affiliates have the opportunity to apply to join some project groups in accordance with the groups terms of reference – sometimes numbers have to be limited.

To find out more please contact membership services on +44 (0)20 7747 1414 or email

Subscription fees

For further details about Research Affiliate membership and subscription fees, or to arrange an appointment to discuss membership engagement opportunities and benefits, please contact us directly on or +44 (0)20 7747 1414.

How to apply

To apply for membership, complete and return the application form. All applications for membership of the ABPI are reviewed by the ABPI Board. Further details about the application process can be found on our frequently asked questions page.

Before applying for ABPI membership you should have read the Articles of Association and the ABPI Code of Practice.

Last modified: 09 May 2024

Last reviewed: 09 May 2024