Manufacturing and Supply

Pharmaceutical production line, crammed with empty glass vials running through a stainless steel machine

If you like the idea of a career where your own skills develop as fast as the technology that you’re exploiting, then manufacture is ideal.

The research and development of a new medicine calls for endless dedication and massive investment, but it’s only the first stage in making a medicine available to patients.

Equally vital are the jobs of the manufacturersengineers and quality professionals who support the need to actually produce the medicine, so that not only is it available in large enough quantities to meet worldwide demand, but also meets regulatory demands which require the highest possible standards of safety and quality.

It’s the sharp end of the business, so there are strong commercial pressures, and there are constant advances in technology which must be harnessed to improve efficiency even further. The real focus behind all the hard work is always the people who will eventually benefit from the product. Which is why manufacturing in our industry is so satisfying.