Cancer in the UK - Digital Data Toolkit

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Cancer survival in the UK has improved over recent years, with more people living five years or more with the disease than ever before.1 However, despite this progress, cancer remains one of the UK’s leading causes of death.2 More can be done to improve cancer outcomes for those affected. By looking at how the UK compares to other European countries, we can begin to consider how this can be achieved.

This digital data toolkit brings together data from the Institute for Health Economics (IHE)’ Comparator Report on Cancer in Europeto enable comparisons of the cancer outcomes achieved in the UK with that of other European countries.

In addition to the data provided by the IHE, the ABPI undertook a series of interviews with key stakeholders from across the cancer policy landscape to gain their perspectives on the data as well as their priorities for the future of cancer care in the UK.  A summary of the key themes emerging from these interviews can be found in the ‘UK Stakeholder Perspectives’ page.

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